Viennese Coffee House Culture at Hotel Schani Wien

Coffee house culture is not just any old tradition in Vienna, it has been listed as intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO. It’s no surprise to us that our coffee house culture is known and liked all over the world. We have brought the flair of Vienna’s coffee houses to our hotel and, thus, you can drink your original Viennese coffee on marble tables and the typical Thonet chairs. Of course, the coffee must be really good, in line with Viennese standards. We have even remembered the wooden newspaper holder. Moreover, our living room is also a place were people from all over the world can meet, just like in the traditional coffee houses.

Coffee Culture

The country’s leading literary figures such as Arthur Schnitzler and Hugo von Hofmannsthal, as well as artists such as Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele could often be found at coffee houses around the time of the fin-de-siècle. They appreciated this socially important place as much as the Viennese do today. If you wander into one of Vienna’s historic cafés, you can still envisage how these famous artists frequented these establishments and how they contemplated their ideas and found inspiration for their works over a “Kleiner Brauner” or “Melange”.

Vienna’s Soul at Hotel Schani Wien

We have captured Vienna in all its glory and incorporated it in our hotel, just like we did with the Viennese coffee house. We have thought long and hard about what makes Vienna what it is and how we can combine the venerable “city” with the modern influences of today. The old and the new, the ornate and the purist, the city of workers and that of the bourgeoisie – can we encapsulate all of these things under one roof? Vienna can, so we took the same chance at Hotel Schani.
You can already start to explore the city here at our hotel, as we have put a lot of love into details. A piece of Vienna can be found in almost every corner. You can sense both traditional and contemporary Vienna here at the hotel. This way, you can start getting familiar with Vienna’s typical flair before taking your first walk into the city.
Typical Viennese or Austrian expressions that can be heard every now and then can be found on the walls of the hotel. What, for instance, is this “Schmäh” everyone talks about here? This is what we call the dry, sometimes even dark -- but charming -- Viennese sense of humour that some people need to get accustomed to. The Schani is the good spirit of our house and will introduce you to Vienna’s culture through its quotes and citations.

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