“Schani” is a typical Viennese expression and is most commonly used nowadays in the word “Schanigarten”.
The Schani is a friendly service provider, reading guests’ wishes from their minds and is also considered to be a close friend.

During the 19th century, many waiters were addressed as “Schani” in Vienna. This was because at the time the youngest staff member of an establishment (the “Schani”) was sent to arrange the seats outside the restaurant. The command “Schani trag den Garten raus” (“Schani put out the garden furniture”) gave us the historic name “Schanigarten”.

In addition, Schani is the familiar form of the male Christian name Johann or Johannes (John) and derives from the Italian Gianni and the French Jean. The Viennese composer and music director Johann Strauss was called Schani by his family. One of the most famous works by the “Waltz King” is Danube waltz - “The Blue Danube” - which has been Vienna’s and Austria’s unofficial anthem ever since.

The Schani is the “good spirit” of our house, showing up wherever you need him and leading you through the hotel, as well as showing you Vienna and the city’s charm. He knows Vienna inside out, is able to tell you many modern myths surrounding the city and knows about its urban legends. The female counterpart of our Schani is Johanna – Schanettl or Schanerl as the Viennese would say. We call our Johanna “Schanita”!

Our Schani staff are always focused on our guests’ wellbeing, making time for you and your needs and will give you insider tips for exploring Vienna. Just as you would expect from the Schani!

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