We have drawn on Viennese coffee house culture and turned Schani into a place where locals and hotel guests can meet. We have done this by integrating our coworking space named “Your Space” into our lobby.
What is coworking?
Start-ups and self-employed people do not rent an entire office, but individual workstations - including a creative environment and meeting point for the most diverse of characters. These are not merely joint offices. The community that arises from these work groups is important, a network where like-minded people meet and help each other at a professional level.


We divide up space for different uses, such as for working, communicating, relaxing and dining, in line with the principle of the shared economy. This way, we are well-prepared for current and future trends and can live this new lifestyle. Local people and guests mingle at Hotel Schani Wien today, just as artists such as Klimt and Schiele and authors like Hugo von Hofmannsthal and Arthur Schnitzler used to sit in the café to get inspiration and discuss ideas and thoughts with each other. Schani’s Living Room is a place where people meet, in a similar way to the 150 year-old tradition of the Vienna cafés. What’s special at Hotel Schani Wien is the opportunity for local and global cooperation. This way, people, professionals and friends from all over the world can communicate with each other. 

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