The open design of our lobby gives you a number of different options. You can sit and work anywhere without having to pay extra for the privilege. However, if you want to rent a workstation, you can choose between the "Flex Desk", "Fix Desk" or "Fix Desk all-in" in our Your Space area.
Flexibility is key in our coworking space and - as a coworker - you can enjoy the service provided at the bar, in addition to 24/7 access and you can order goulash soup and coffee even late into the evening, if you want. Alternatively, you can bring your own lunch to Your Space and your coworking desk. It feels like home!


You will get a desk that is perfect to work at. Enjoy the atmosphere on the Your Space gallery or get together with others in the lobby. You can get the same desk the following day or you can choose a new one, depending on availability.

Services included: desk, ultra-high-speed Wi-Fi, colour printing 

Rates Flex Desk
Flex Desk per day: € 10.00
Flex Desk for 10 days: € 90.00 (use within 3 months)
Flex Desk for 30 days: € 150.00 (use within 6 months)


Choose your coworking station and work on the Your Space gallery at your fixed workstation. There will be plenty of shelf space and a secure locker for your personal items. Sit down and start working!

Services included: desk, locker, ultra-high-speed Wi-Fi, colour printing

Rates Fix Desk
Fix Desk per month: € 190.00


Would you like to make Hotel Schani Wien your company address? 

Services included:

  • Permission to use the hotel as a company address 
  • Business registration at Hotel Schani Wien 
  • Mail reception 
  • Discounts on seminar rooms 
  • Locker 
  • 24/7 hotel access

Rate per month: € 80.00

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