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Hotel Schani Wien combines Viennese Tradition with the Modern in a unique partnership, not found in any other city. Here, you will encounter local Viennese expressions and traditional elements of Viennese culture, as well as experience the Vienna of the future with temporary exhibitions and local artists. 
Our centrally located Hotel Schani is a Viennese hotel of the 21st century. We have thought carefully about the challenges that lie ahead – in addition to the wishes of our guests -- from the development process onwards. The result was our cooperation with Fraunhofer IAO, which led to innovative solutions for individual room selection, mobile check-in and check-out, smartphone room keys and a coworking space in the lobby.
The architecture and interior design were created by Gabriel Kacerovsky from archisphere. He was able to integrate all our ideas and emotional experience into Hotel Schani. Take a look for yourselves!


One of Hotel Schani’s biggest assets is its location. Vienna’s Central Railway Station, right across the street, is a major transport hub where you can find numerous trams, busses, trains and local underground trains to take you to your destination quickly and in an environmentally friendly manner.


We received the GreenBuilding Award of the European Commission in 2014. This award encourages energy efficiency and sustainable building projects. Hotel Schani Wien had its heating and air-condition system installed using induction technology by Trox. Now, guests can regulate their room temperatures individually, as air that is sucked through the system is either cooled or heated to the desired temperature. The use of district heating and cooling systems is an alternative to conventional heating and cooling systems, reducing CO2 emissions significantly.
Additionally, we promote natural water cycles by letting rain water trickle directly into our soil. This is used for watering our garden, which in turn saves drinking water. Moreover, our hotel uses mostly LED technology and we provide recharging stations for  electric cars. These and other measures have helped us cut energy consumption by 41% compared to conventional hotels. 


Hotel Schani Wien is the second hotel run by the Komarek family. The environment hotel Gallitzinberg on the Wilheminenberg in Vienna’s 16th District (Ottakring) has already been in the caring hands of the family for three generations. The house has been there since 1929, when it used to be a popular restaurant for day trippers enjoying the outdoors. Nowadays, it’s an environmentally friendly hotel run by the Komarek family and was one of the first hotels to receive the Environmental Award from the City of Vienna. It’s a retreat for families and was given Ottakring’s most child-friendly business accolade by Wirtschaftsbund Wien in 2014 (www.umwelthotel.at).
Benedikt Komarek, the youngest son, is continuing the family’s successful hotelier tradition with Hotel Schani Wien, running his own pioneering hotel and introducing new ideas and innovations.

What does "Schani" mean?

Yes – the name Schani has a background. You can read here where the name comes from and why it suits us so perfectly:

Who is Schani?


Hotel Schani Wien is the first hotel that was planned and built in cooperation with the German research Institute Fraunhofer IAO. When we began our research partnership in 2012, we were able to use the extensive findings of the “FutureHotel” guest survey and could integrate some of the ideas it presented in our concept, as well as develop and use new ones of our own. One very clear wish made by the survey’s respondents was to optimize booking procedures. So, Hotel Schani Wien introduced individual room selection, mobile check-in and check-out, smartphone room keys and a multifunctional lobby with a coworking space. In doing so, long waiting times can be avoided at the reception and you can enjoy a pleasant stay. This helps us react to guests’ wishes and respond to present and future trends in an optimal way.

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