Around and About in Vienna After the Lockdown

29. May 2020


Our city is finally reawakening after the lockdown and weeks of standstill. We have been exploring our neighbourhood for more normality in everyday life and beautiful springtime pursuits without breaking the rules.

A change of perspective. The last few weeks have really challenged us as a society. The world and its structures are in upheaval and improvisation has become daily routine. However, we are slowly but surely returning to our typical pace of life both privately and at work. Good news, right?

But what's allowed and what isn't? What is there to do when the world of art and culture is still out of bounds? We got on our way and took a look around our local area, our green Sonnwendviertel, during one or two of our lunch breaks after the lockdown. After all, Vienna has reopened!

Spring Awakening in the Sonnwendviertel

When you wander through the neighbourhood, you can't help but notice how beautiful Vienna is and why it's been crowned the greenest city in the world. We still can't go back to the entertainment and amusement programme on offer B.C. (Before Coronavirus), but the freedom of being able to wander through the city inspires new Ideas. Whether alone or in a small group -- let's get creative and get to know Vienna from a different angle.


1. Dining al fresco

Meals can be eaten outdoors thanks to the warmer temperatures -- and the day can be started with breakfast in natural surroundings -- please no waste. Whether with work colleagues or your quarantine buddies, as long as the one-metre distancing rule is followed.


2. City tour in 10th District, Favoriten

A walk around Vienna? An absolute must! There are many hidden treasures, sights and trails far off the beaten track and away from traffic, spread across Vienna. If you want to explore the 10th District, hit City Hiking Trail 7 (Stadtwanderweg 7) to the Laaer Berg -- a 15 kilometre tour that takes about four to five hours depending on your walking speed and takes in the spa and park at Kurpark Oberlaa, the Laaer Wald woods and the south of the city. More Information is available here.


3. Geocaching

Would you like to try a GPS treasure hunt or the world's largest scavenger hunt? What do you need to join in? Well, a smartphone with GPS, motivation and a good pair of shoes are a start. You can collect quite some mileage, depending on how dedicated you are. You can register directly at the official website and go looking for all the geocaches (hiding places) spread throughout Vienna. Freely, flexibly and for as long as you want.


4. Social Meetings: Schweizergarten, Helmut-Zilk-Park

Social Distancing? No thanks! Freedom of movement has been restored and we've got some catching up to do. You are free to move around outside with social distancing to other groups, whether family meetings, morning Salutations to the Sun, workouts or just lazing around. The Schweizergarten park and Helmut-Zilk-Park have lots of space for people and dogs. Let's get outside!


5. Walk-in Afternoon Tea

Comfort has no routine. Sweet things still taste great on an adventure tour. And the good thing about it? You stroll through the neighbourhood, get some fresh air and support local bars and restaurants, too. In the Sonnwendviertel, you can make your first pitstop at ice cream parlour Tichy in Reumannplatz. Alternatively, your sweet tooth will surely find something it likes at Urban's Lounge right in the middle of Helmut-Zilk-Park.
If you're looking for that coffeehouse experience and a suitable sweet-to-go, Hotel Schani Wien has its own coffeehouse tradition. Hot or chilled -- we love coffee. Exactly like our motto: support your locals.


We like to have a bit of fun with our guests, especially now the lockdown's over. Viennese (charm) to take away. Our word of the day?

Zorres = Sorgen = Worries

PS: They'll soon be over. We'll see each other again in the usual way at Hotel Schani Wien and in our guest garden, the Schanigarten. Everything is ready for your return. :-)


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