Green Building

5. March 2021


Sustainability has been essential to Hotel Schani Wien from the beginning. The hotel has been an EU Green Building partner since its opening in 2014. So, grab a Viennese coffee, and let us tell you all about this.

2014, Vienna. Our hotel project “Hotel Schani Wien” was designed to be sustainable and integrate the latest technologies for efficient energy use. We wanted to be SMART and, so, combined both the latest technology and sustainability trends to be at least one “green” step ahead of the competition. In the same year that we saw our ideas and project come to fruition, we achieved Green Building partner status – a label given by the EU to companies investing in a global, sustainable future. By the way, we are “green” from tip to toe -- or from Schani’s Rooftop to our garage. This is because we have our own photovoltaic system on our roof, generating 10% of the building’s electricity.

Sustainability on a typical day at Hotel Schani


Let’s leave the theory aside for now and take a look at practice. We can give you five simple reasons why guests benefit from our green, sustainable location and what our priorities are within our team:


1. Natural cycle: Although Viennese tap water runs through the pipes in our hotel, we use rainwater to irrigate our little city garden -- the Schanigarten. This way, we are a part of the natural water cycle and can also save high-quality drinking water, which you can enjoy fresh and cold in our Lobby.


2. Digital instead of paper: Our use of Smart technologies is also sustainable. Bookings are done exclusively online or via mobile phone and are highly efficient. There are no paper receipts -- these will be sent to you via email. You can read up on how smart we are here.


3. Fair heating & cooling: We use the district heating and cooling system. As a result, our guests can set their desired room temperature individually. District heating is a resource-effective alternative to conventional heating and air conditioning systems and emits significantly lower levels of CO2.


4. Charging stations for electric cars: We provide charging stations in our Schani garage for green drivers. Rules during the lockdown: park your car and charge it while you enjoy the comfort of our lobby.


5. Regionality: We live and love local and regional products. Too many trends mess up our balance, and so, we only serve the best products from the surrounding regions, especially at our breakfast buffet. For sustainably good, delicious images, click here.


Lockdown Day. Humour can lift even the darkest mood. This is why we would like to offer you another serving of Viennese dialect – on the house, of course. So, do you speak Viennese?

Mulatschak = a wild, boisterous party

PS: Hang in there, keep moving and welcome the new day with a good cup of coffee. The entire Schani Team is looking forward to a happy, warm reunion in friendly, familiar surroundings!


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