Mediterranean Flair in Vienna

11. May 2021


We are finally reopening our Hotel Schani Wien following a well-used break. A true Viennese always bounces back. We have also used the time to take a look what our neighbourhood has to offer in terms of Mediterranean flair.

At last, the waiting has come to an end. We are happy to welcome you back to the Sonnwendviertel and its heart, Hotel Schani Wien. It’s about time! In the meantime, we have picked a few culinary, cultural and experience highlights for you to try out -- for a few quiet, Mediterranean hours.

Goodbye wanderlust: These 5 destinations will get you in the mood for #WienLiebe


For all information on the current Coronavirus rules, read this.


1. Pizzeria Mezzaluna
Italy is only a stone’s throw from Hotel Schani Wien. Right next to the Hotel, there is a Mediterranean special tip: Pizzeria Mezzaluna. Slightly hidden from view, with a charming atmosphere and a big heart for food and guests, we can not only recommend the pizza and pasta dishes, but also their sensational homemade tiramisu. This small pizzeria with its own little outdoor garden is ideal for a hearty, relaxed lunch break.


2. Theatre in the Park
Culture under the stars. Artists have created a stage for outdoor entertainment that fulfils Coronavirus safety guidelines thanks to this new, open-air stage in central Vienna. The theatre in the park at the Belvedere is only a 15 minutes’ walk from Hotel Schani Wien. We can consider ourselves lucky to have so much outdoor comedy and theatre in our vicinity. For an overview of this year’s theatre programme browse here.


3. Coffee Outdoors
Our Schanigarten is nature -- pure. Hotel Schani Wien has its own green wellness oasis for all those who come to linger. The homely pergola is a popular retreat for both people and animals, in addition to our lush herb garden. You should also enjoy a good cup of coffee with a slice of cake or a small glass of wine during your next visit to Schani’s Garden.


4. Albertina Modern
Culture gives you an appetite for more. Uncountable museums, art venues and collections have returned to life, as Vienna reopens after the lockdown. This also applies to the Albertina Modern, Vienna’s newest modern art museum, which opened 2020. There is plenty of space and time to choose from over 60,000 exhibits by 5,000 artists -- so you can indulge your passion for culture. Here is a list of current exhibitions.


5. Copa Beach
Sun. Beach. Cocktails. Sun lovers and water rats will be able to enjoy rhythmic sounds, Mediterranean flair, and Caribbean beach at Vienna’s blue Danube River near Kagran. The old Copa Cagrana party mile has become a new highlight of the city and is popular with the young and old. What’s best -- the U1 underground line takes you directly from Hotel Schani Wien to Copa Beach. Do you still want to succumb to wanderlust?

Sustainable #ontour

Fancy a change from walking? No problem. We have a really sustainable special for everyone who books directly. You can use our E-scooters for free during your stay (depending on availability).


Our humour hasn’t gone rusty. Here is a portion for the road. What’s our word of the day?

gmiatlich = relaxed, cozy, homely

PS: Welcome back! We’re back for you and so is our natural-filled garden. How about a cup of coffee? In a relaxed atmosphere, of course! ;)


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