Smart Living

29. June 2020


We have created a feel-good atmosphere in the digital era at Hotel Schani Wien using smart technologies and warm-hearted hospitality.

One of the most important holiday basics is the right mix of adventure, planning and harmony. You can only get that vacation feeling with relaxation. This is not easy during digitalisation, especially because our smartphones, tablets and co. have become everyday necessities. It's the right mix that makes it work, isn't it? Well, we at Hotel Schani Wien have strived hard to balance smart combinations with relaxation. From our very beginnings.


Smart use of digital gadgetry creates a relaxing break and happy guests. Flexibility and multifunctionality are the essential factors we have internalised as a smart, urban hotel.
Unnecessary waiting times at check-in are history thanks to self-check-in. There are no misplaced room keys because all your important reservation data is stored in mobile form on our Schani App, including your room key. And our Guest Schanis are available around the clock for your individual requests to ensure that personal touch.

Our Schani App for all the Schani hotels can be found on Google Play and in the App Store and can be downloaded free-of-charge.


Smart living sounds fancy and is just that. We will do (almost) anything for satisfied, happy guests! ;-)

As a modern, stylish city hotel, we have three room categories available:

  • the SMART Street room with a bright, light view of the street,
  • the SMART Garden rooms, which look deep into the green of our special "Schani" garden,
  • and the SMART Maisonette room category -- spacious relaxation with a gallery and heavenly views.

Which one would you like? Candidate 1, 2 or 3?

For a detailed view of the SMART world of Hotel Schani Wien, see the multimedia AlexiBexi report made last year. Curious? Click here for a look behind the scenes.


The fun keeps on coming and coming. Would you like a takeout portion of Viennese dialect? The word of the day is:

Blitzgneißer = smarty-pants, someone who understands very, very quickly

PS: Is it a match? We look forward to seeing you at Hotel Schani Wien. Lean back, relax and enjoy a good cup of coffee.


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