We are a SMART hotel and offer innovative solutions that reduce your tedious organisational activities during your journey. Thus, Hotel Schani Wien has brought in individual room selection, mobile check-in and check-out, the smartphone room key and multifunctional lobby. This helps avoid unnecessary waiting at the reception and you can enjoy your stay at the hotel undisturbed.  The use of these innovative technologies gives Schani staff more time to focus on our guests’ individual needs and they can take over concierge duties that would only be expected at luxury establishments.


Schani App

Schani-App: always up-to-date!

The Schani App helps you keep track of your reservation details, informs you about Vienna, train schedules and the weather, aids your check-in, opens your room door and takes you to the Vienna Airport check-in desk in just one click. Should you find this too complicated via smartphone, you can connect your mobile to our Smart TVs and look at content using the large TV screen. Of course, you can also play your videos or music using the TV set. How you connect your smartphone to the Smart TV is explained in the guest folder and also on the Smart TV itself. Another technological highlight is our free-of-charge, ultra-high speed glass fibre internet connection at 200mBit.

Please make sure to register with your telephone number and email address after installing the app, so we can link your data with your reservation. Don’t forget to use the same details as in the reservation. 

You can download our Schani App here:


Individual Room Selection

Individual Room Selection: your favourite room in one mouse click!

Another trendsetting feature is individual room selection. Our novel booking system allows each guest who makes a reservation via our website to select his or her preferred room. A floor map will help you decide which room you would prefer and you can choose the perfect location, preferred floor and even the view.

Online Check-in

Check-in: on the fly!

You provide your credit card details and personal data when making your reservation. The room will be paid automatically one day before your arrival and you will receive the invoice per email after your departure. You can check in with your signature using the previously installed Schani App and receive your room key on your smartphone as soon as your room is ready, so you can occupy it immediately without extra delay and open your door with your smartphone. Information on our hotel is provided on our mobile app, smart TV and by our service staff members in the lobby – the “Gäste Schanis” (Guest Schanis).

Smartphone as key
Digital Self Check-in

Smartphone as key: directly to your room without waiting!

You will receive your key code for your room door directly via the previously installed app as soon as your room is available. If your mobile battery is empty or you prefer a key card, you can issue yourself a KeyCard at the terminals at the check-in at the bar. The validity of your key code will end automatically at 12 o’clock noon on the day of your departure. A personal check-out at the reception is not necessary anymore.

Multifunctional lobby

We have created a multifunctional space in the lobby of Hotel Schani Wien that invites you to dine, relax and have a coffee, as well as work and network. We have created a place called the “Hotel Schani Living Room” that enables you to work in peace and also have a conversation. This is where locals and hotel guests meet to talk to each other or just relax with a nice glass of wine. The integrated coworking space offers a separate area with individual workspaces and additional conference rooms. 

Coworking @Your Space

Coworking @Your Space

Guests and coworkers from the area meet at Hotel Schani Wien’s “Your Space” to network, get to know each other and establish (business) contacts. This form of shared space is different to others: here, you can work 24 hours a day and get snacks and drinks around the clock. The many corners of the hotel offer different kinds of work environments, including very cosy spaces, for instance. So, draw some inspiration from our business breakfast in the lounge, a coffee break in the couch chair, in Schani’s Garden in the middle of Vienna or from an after-work drink at the bar. Hire a skateboard after work and free your mind.

Drop in and take a look for yourself, the tryout day is free of charge!


[pronounced Chopperl]; 1. Small kid; as in: what a cute, little tschapperl; 2. Clumsy, naïve person

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